Happy Eyes Plastic Heart Glasses

Our HEART 3d glasses have always been wildly popular- so we are proud to introduce our all new, single lens, Heart Happy Eyes Plastic Glasses. These 3D glasses (Protected under US Patent RE39,864 and/or US Patent 10,795,314) are the only glasses on the market showcasing the large, clear hearts. Look no further, you have found THE ONE!

Our holographic lenses bend light creating large HEART images on each bright point of light, providing an optical experience that you will absolutely fall in love with. These durable plastic glasses with beautiful frame graphics are perfect for gifts, raves, EDM events, weddings, anniversaries, Valentines Day, and more! 

1 at   $8.00
4 at    $7.50 each
8 at    $7.25 each
12 at  $7.00 each