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    A surprise for your eyes, HOLIDAY SPECS are a one-of-a-kind holiday favorite - perfect for everyone. With over 15,000,000 sold around the globe, our special holographic lenses miraculously transform Christmas lights into magical figures of candy-canes, angels, stars, penguins, Santa, snowflakes, gingerbread-men, elves, reindeer, snowmen, Feliz-Navidad and even our new "Mystery Glasses"!

    Brightly printed and inexpensive, HOLIDAY SPECS 3D Christmas Glasses are great stocking stuffers & party favors for this season. Perfect for kids, teachers, family members, the neighbors, the mailman - ANYONE!


Add Fun To Your Next Holiday Gathering With Amazing Holiday Specs!

You may be wondering how to spice up your next holiday gathering or celebration. Well, no need to worry! We are here to show you how! All you need to do is introduce our Holiday Specs to family and friends and you will instantly transform any gathering to one full of bright colors and amazing holiday images. Our Holiday Specs glasses have holographic lenses that are perfect for viewing all Christmas lights. Our 3D Christmas Glasses are perfect for adults and children that love to have fun and can be given away at parties as party favors. If you want to bring a smile to the face of friends and family, give them a pair of our 3D glasses and share the fun! Just imagine how adorable everyone will be wearing their very own Holiday Specs Glasses. They will have immense fun viewing holographic images of gingerbread men, stars, candy canes, angels, elves, snowmen, Santa, snowflakes, reindeer, and ornaments while viewing Christmas lights.

We Provide Plastic 3D Glasses for Every Occasion

At HolidaySpecs.com, we have 3D glasses for every occasion. Heart glasses are great for little girls at birthday parties, or even adults while celebrating a wedding. Rainbow diffraction glasses separate lights with a combined diffraction grating that allows you to see rainbow-colored star bursts that intensifies your visual experience. Plastic rainbow glasses and Rave Diffraction glasses are great to wear to parties, concerts, fireworks displays, and laser light shows. Every light you see will be transformed into a shimmering rainbow pattern with vibrant colors.

Enjoy Our Line of Fun and Fantastic 3D Glasses

  • 3D Holiday Glasses
  • 3D Fireworks Glasses (paper and plastic)
  • Heart 3D Glasses
  • Happy Eyes 3D Glasses
  • Eye Witness 3D Glasses
  • Wild Eyes Animal 3D Glasses

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When you need 3D Glasses for your next gathering, celebration, or party, contact us to learn more about our wide variety of specs. Add a little fun to any occasion and share our 3D glasses with people of all ages for a colorful and amazing visual experience.