Light Up The LOVE ™ Heart Glasses

To help celebrate the 8th Anniversary of the Light Up The LOVE™ Global Movement, we are excited to offer special "limited edition" heart 3D glasses just for the occasion. See and feel the LOVE in every point of light. These patented lenses transform things like city & street lights, candle light, holiday lights and more into magical heart images. Share these unique glasses and bring love and fun to all occasions including; holidays, concerts, weddings, fundraisers, birthdays, anniversary parties and so much more. Every day will feel like Valentine’s Day when wearing these heart specs.

Make your next event a memorable and magical #LUTL occasion and support sharing a positive and empowering social message. Seeing and feeling love makes everyone feel good.

*A portion of proceeds goes to support the LUTL Global Movement, inspiring actions of Love, Peace and Unity around the world.

25 @ $1.50 each
50 @ $1.35 each
100 @ $1.10 each
250 @ $1.05 each
500+ @ $1.00 each