MIX of Plastic Spooky Specs

You asked for them and here they are! Introducing our brand new PLASTIC SPOOKY SPECS just in time for Halloween. Can't decide which of the 3 to get? Get the best deal (and all of the glasses) with our new Spooky Specs Mix!

Get batty this Halloween as our patented lenses transform ordinary candle lights, city lights, street lights, and more into magical Halloween images. Our holographic lenses bend light creating magical images on each bright point of light, providing an optical experience like you've never seen before! These amazing plastic glasses are perfect for costume parties, events, trick-or-treating gifts and more! 

Our durable plastic glasses with beautiful frame graphics come in an even mix of the 3 glasses offered (Pumpkin, Bat, and Skull).

3 at   $7.50 each
6 at    $7.25 each
9 at    $7.00 each